M U L T I - C A M E R A     I N G E S T     V I D E O S E R V E R                    Tel: +7 (916) 872-66-30
NEW! Season specials:
Mobile 4-channel SD videoserver = £2400
Mobile 8-channel SD videoserver = £5000

digiserver 4SD software,
2 realtime chromakey

digiserver 4HD software,
2 realtime chromakey

Mobile (10kg) videoserver,
4xHD/SD channel,
with ejecting sensor monitor,
2 realtime chromakey,
HD/SD quadviewer

rent £200/day w Engi
Rackmount case,
with RAID if needed,
4 or 8 HD/SD,
remote WiFi control

£5000 (4 HD w/o RAID)
Rackmount case,
w monitor & keyboard,
upto 16 HD/SD channels

Call! (ask for more)

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